Wedding Wrap Up

weddingI don’t have any pictures to share yet and the whole thing was a bit of a blur, but we managed to actually get hitched on October 3rd in Seabrook!  It was great to have all of our friends and family out and many of them were able to visit with us at Oceans Five.

I developed quite a bit of anxiety about the ceremony as it got closer, but through a lot of deep breathing, some sincere reminders from Geoff and my ladies that they were there for me, and a little medication I managed to get through the ceremony with out passing out or throwing up.  I was very happy to return to “normal life”.  Since Geoff and I already live together and have put in a lot of stress and effort over the last year it still feels a little surreal that we are actually married now.  On one hand it seems like life as normal and on the other hand it’s weird to think “my husband”.

Because I never changed my name after my first marriage many folks have asked what the plan is this time.  I will be legally changing my last name as soon as we return from our honeymoon.  Obviously with travel documents and such it’s a big ol’ pain to change in the middle and too short of notice between the wedding and our honeymoon.  Geoff and I plan on starting a family and I’d like to share the same name as my husband and (hopefully) future children.

Not changing my name during my first marriage wasn’t a big statement on my part.  At that time I thought the continuity in my career would be beneficial and maybe my subconscious doubts about my exhusband’s integrity made it easier to come up with excuses.  I was getting the paperwork together to change it after our one year anniversary, but hadn’t filed by the time I discovered his affairs.  Obviously in hindsight it made things a whole lot easier for me as I didn’t have to go through the professional embarrassment of changing my name back again following the divorce.

I’ve changed my major social media accounts, but I’m expecting the change at work to be the strangest.  I’ve had this last name for nearly 40 years!  Thankfully my signature is such a mess that I won’t have to start writing like a 10 year old to accommodate a new last name.

Once I have some wedding photos to share I will do so.  Until then I have so much more to say, but my time has been going to the house remodel, planning the wedding, and preparing for our honeymoon.  When we get back from the honeymoon I’ll have a few more weeks left before starting back to school full-time again as well.  I’m crossing my fingers (and toes!) that this coming term doesn’t kick my butt like my last term did.

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