Visiting Manhattan

I’ve been in love with Manhattan since I first saw Breakfast at Tiffany’s as a young girl.  Just the same as I’ve been amoureux with Paris since Sabrina.  I started making loosely defined work trips to Manhattan when I had employees there in my early 20’s and have continued to try to get there as often as I can which seems to net out to about every other year.

I’m a creature of habit.  When I go I like to just pretend I live there so I try to stay in the same hotel (the iconic Warwick) in midtown.  I always stop by Tiffany & Co. on fifth avenue and have amassed quite the charm collection.  I like to visit old favorites and stumble upon new gems.

This year my parents were going for their first visit as an anniversary trip and were staying at the Manhattan Club just a couple blocks from “my” hotel.  Being the opportunist I am, I crashed the first part of their trip (and on their couch).  Hopefully I redeemed myself a little by taking them out to dinner at The Modern and escorting Mom to the garment district.  My sister sprung for tickets for all of us to see First Date at the Longacre Theatre.  I was a little skeptical about my choice because of the mixed reviews but everyone seemed to really enjoy it and there were quite a few giggles and renditions of “bail out call” over the next couple days.

Everyone asks what I see or what I did but, really, I often just travel to be.  I don’t do a lot of the touristy things.  After going to some of the iconic tourist sites on past trips to various locations I find my reaction is often ‘eh, okay so I saw it, now what?’  So anymore I don’t really bother.  What’s the point of seeing something just to say, ‘yes I’ve seen it’.  The random experiences and hidden discoveries mean so much more.  La Tour Eiffel didn’t leave a big impression on me.  The quirky shop in Montmarte that sells doll parts like little objets d’art?  That was way more interesting and memorable.

I’m thankful for a world in which I can hobby farm at home and play big city worldly woman interchangeably.

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