Updating the T@B Teardrop Trailer Kitchen

smart tile decision!_9049469723_o


While remodeling the layout I had considered trying to wallpaper the entire interior since we were pulling down the cabinets, but my investigations weren’t conclusive on if that would work or not.  Then while we were shopping for the remodel materials I spotted Smart Tiles at the hardware store.  They looked like an interesting option for the trailer, particularly for the “back splash” behind the stove that was already sporting a coating of bacon grease.  I did some more research on the product and they still seemed like a good solution for in the trailer, where standard tiles would seem a bit heavy (literally and figuratively).  So I went back and bought them.  I used 11 sheets out of a 12 pack, partly because I was particular about how the pattern worked.  I’m really pleased with the product in general and the look.Adding Smart Tiles to T@B Kitchen

After adding SmartTiles to T@B kitchen

The tiles continue all the way in to the corner under the cabinets and stereo.  I had to get a second opinion, but decided that tiling the door side seemed weird.  There was no natural line of demarcation so it would end up looking incomplete.  No more wiping bacon grease off the white wallpaper!

smart tiles on backsplash_9050874781_o


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