The train! The train!

upload The train! The train! Okay, that’s not how it actually goes 🙂  This last weekend I crashed another family member’s vacation (I’m good at that!) and Geoff and I took the train down to my parent’s place in Oregon to meet up with my sister and just chill out where we grew up.  The train was the highlight of the trip for me (sorry Family!).  I loved the ease of it and after getting used to air travel it’s just astounding the space and freedom you have.  I booked us on one of the superliners so there was even a real dining car complete with service.  I wish train travel was more feasible but it’s not terribly cost effective on the longer routes.  I will definitely consider it again for the trip to my parent’s though.  While home we all synced up our calendars and I now have a Vegas and NYC trip booked for the year in addition to the other activities I already had planned.  I’m excited!

Enjoying the observation car and having some breakfastBrief on/off in PortlanduploadWindow shopping

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