The Homebuying Experience

The Homebuying ExperienceLardy it’s been a long… what? nearly a year?  In late last winter I started looking for a new house and land.

The Homebuying ExperienceI absolutely ADORE my little house (pictured in this post) with barn, pasture, and huge backyard.  From my pink bathroom to the chandelier above my bed my little house has been my home and my sanctuary.

The Homebuying ExperienceIt’s where I found myself again after my divorce, blossomed, and moved on with my life.  It’s where I lost Bugaboo, Jupiter, and Obi but it’s also where I gained Geoff, Koa, and the twins.  The Homebuying ExperienceDespite having the smallest home it is a magnet for my friends and family and countless days have been spent on the deck and in the backyard.  When I walked in to the little house the first time I immediately knew it was the right fit.

 The Homebuying ExperienceIt was the only house I toured and everyone that has seen it has agreed it is THE perfect house for me.  I realize now how really truly lucky I was to find my house, in the timeline I had during my divorce, and being able to stay in the area I love.

Looking for a new house with THAT as a baseline has made the task extremely difficult.  While my actual house requirements are pretty straight forward (3 bedrooms plus an office, room for a barn and pasture, 2+ car garage, no super close neighbors, and room for Geoff to build a shop) the search has been far harder than I expected.

In July I saw a beautiful house in my current town and made a comment to Geoff about how it was just so so perfect, but it was a short sale.  He convinced me to go look at it and we decided to make an offer on it.  I had some reservations about the house.  A barn would need to be built, and despite being on 10 acres a lot of the land was unusable or protected.  It was a bit further out and gated.  But oh my goodness was it beautiful.  They don’t make houses like it anymore, especially not on the west coast.  It was an amazing craftsman with so many beautiful touches.  The biggest catch was and remained that it was a short sale.

After months of back and forth with the banks (yes, more than one), negotiators, and real estate agents we finally came to the conclusion that we could not agree on the price.  The bank really didn’t want to short the house even though it’s been empty for a year and a half; at the price they wanted it was a questionable investment on our part.  The sellers have long since moved on to another state and started their lives over.  I really feel mostly bad for the sellers.  They’ve been trying to do the “right thing” with this house for almost two years.

After the first two months rolled by, and I was contractually free to walk away from the short sale if I wanted, I started hunting again.  My poor real estate agent (and future brother-in-law) endured a lot of dirt roads, pot holes, and muddy land.  We looked at finely finished custom homes to complete tear downs in my search for the right home.  We looked at houses across five different towns and pushed the limits of my commute tolerance.  We looked at log cabins, blueberry farms, and waterfront.

Finally, after the past couple weeks of negotiations, we are in escrow on a another new home.  It is not a short sale so there is a much lower likelihood that this will suffer issues.  We are supposed to close in just over two weeks, but we’ve agreed to push out close for the sellers to close on a new home if they request it (they haven’t yet).  Once that is done there will be a whole new adventure to begin.

The new house has tons of potential and IS a good investment but it still needs some work, including building a goat barn and fencing a pasture.  We don’t expect to actually move for a few months while the work is completed, but I am SO SO very excited for the potential it has.  If everything works out I’ll have a 600 sq ft second floor office/pole studio/soap room/library overlooking the barn, coop, and pasture.  Geoff will get a three car garage, media room, and room for a future shop.

In one perspective it really feels like it’s taken a year to find the right home and in another perspective it feels like it’s all going very fast.  Hopefully in a few weeks I’ll be able to share more details.



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