T@B Teardrop Trailer Layout Remodel

T@B layoutMy 2006 T@B is the “L” layout means it has an L shaped kitchen counter, but it also came with back cabinets that went to the floor.  The “Q” layout has shorter back cabinets and creates a wrap around bench seat with the back seat bench laying down to allow the bed to extend under the cabinets.

After attending the Rally I actually debated if I should try to look for a different T@B in the “Q” layout because it would better suit our needs (now that I know what they are), but after doing some research I came to the conclusion that modifying our current trailer was the best option.  Enter the handy boyfriend, Geoff!

T@B remodel cabinets off, removing the support rails_9026083929_oHe removed all of the existing back cabinet uppers and replaced them with new shorter ones.  The new ones are birch ply stained and finished to match the existing ones in the kitchen area.  He reused the hardware from the old cabinets so they matched the kitchen too.  You’ll also notice the speaker locations change with the remodel.

new cabinet framework_9147452398_o

The speakers were below the cabinet doors and lower then the seat level which was a little weird when we had it in the bed configuration as the speakers were under the foam mattress.  When moving the speakers and lights to the uppers we gave up a little access space to the cabinets so we decided to go for three larger doors instead of four doors like the original lay out.

Three down eight to go!_9217144305_oWe also decided that having them open up towards the ceiling instead of to the side would be more useful.  No more knocking people around or moving all of our pillows to get a door open.  The space underneath is perfect for stuffing our pillows and blankets in to and we still have great access to the storage under the cabinets which we never used before.

New cabinets!_9236197076_oGeoff imitated the existing cabinets to a T with the exception that these are actually nicer than the originals.

I’m really happy to have the extra sleeping space so Geoff can spread out and we can take the nicelet with us!

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  1. Riley Robinson
    Riley Robinson 5 August, 2014 at 7:55 pm | | Reply

    Hi – we have the same T@B and want to change the layout for a longer bed. Do you have any more images?

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