Scrap Paper Wall Art

Scrap Paper Art WorkThis wasn’t super quick but was a pretty simple art project.  I was looking for something to add to the guestroom that already has a bit of a farm house chic thing going and I saw a piece like this on Pinterest.  I already keep a stash of canvases around in my office/craft room so all I needed was to run out to find some scrapbooking paper.  Some how I’ve managed to entirely avoid that whole craze.

I picked up a 12″x12″ Cardstock stack of 50 pages for about $10 on clearance.  I also grabbed some inexpensive brown acrylic paint since I needed enough to cover the entire canvas.  After giving the canvas a good coverage with the acrylic paint I set it aside to dry and started to cut out leaves from the cardstock.

Originally I was trying to find a punch that had the right pattern so I could just punch out all the petal/leaves.  It would have been much faster, but after not finding one in the right shape/size I decided to just do them freehand.  The result was much more organic which I actually liked.  It did take me a good while to get all of the petals cut out though.Scrap Paper Wall Art

Once I had my metals and the canvas was dry I mixed all of the petals up to randomize them and grabbed a jar of good ol’ fashioned rubber cement.  I chose it for a couple reasons: It dries clear, and I could pick up and move petals and just rub the dried rubber cement off the canvas.  It also left the option open to completely redo/reuse the canvas in the future.

For a few hours of time and a couple bucks I was quite pleased with the final product. Obviously you could go a bit fancier with the cardstock and add metallic and shine if you wanted.

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