Playing hard, working hard

It’s definitely feeling like summer now around these parts.  Time is just flying by.

Over the last several weeks I’ve been working hard to get tons of stuff done around the house/farm and elsewhere.  For the fourth of July weekend I weeded and mulched all the flower beds and built a campfire circle in the backyard and also got some time to enjoy it.  The fourth was spent in the backyard playing scrabble on the iPad while cooking over the campfire and watching the nearby fireworks.  The up/down side of the country.  There were LOTS of fireworks.  I also got the garden cleaned up and planted with some help.  I now have beans, peas, squash, cucumbers, peppers, tomatoes, and eggplants growing.  It was a bit late in the season, but I think it will still be a decent yield.  I’ve never had so much space for gardening!

This past weekend was the Alison Krauss and Union Station concert at Marymoor which was great fun.  The weekend was supposed to be more chores but with some changes of plans it freed up a bit.  My date to a chinese cooking class wasn’t feeling well and I opted not to go alone.  So instead the smoker was loaded up with happy pig ribs, salmon, trout, and a few tomatoes to smoke all day.  The ribs were dry rubbed and turned out really, really good.  I have to say my old “quick ribs” doesn’t even come close.  I’ve always done them in the oven for an hour and then over the grill.

I’m only in the office for two days this week and then it’s off to Manhattan for the rest of the week and weekend!  I will never tire of staying at the Warwick and all the amazing history.  I can’t wait to visit Chelsea Market, Knave, The Modern, and of course Central Park and the shopping!

In the coming weeks there are social events and more concerts than I can shake a stick at.  In August my parents will be visiting and my mom is working on me to go to Maui in early September.

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