Book Review: “Animal, Vegetable, Miracle”

This post was originally posted on June 25, 2007 to Fresh From The Market – my food, farm, cooking blog.  Reading Animal, Vegetable, Mineral really started whipping my passion around food and farm in to a frenzy and would make me realize that there are many books on the topic, many of which I would […]

First home slaughter

There are more pictures on flickr, but I didn’t try to hide anything.  I challenge those of you that are more removed from your food sources to consider looking if only to have the conversation with yourself:  Would you be willing to kill what you eat? It went a bit easier than I think either […]

Bottom of the Bucket

So the rooster definitely has to go now.  I’m a bit relieved because it’s now  not my decision, but one of preservation. I kept the chickens in the coop on Saturday, due in part to Bucket’s bad attitude.  I didn’t want him attacking guests or worse small children.  With them sequestered he really had his […]

Farm Living (Subsidized by a Job Elsewhere)

My experience aligns with this pretty well.  At least one member of most of the local farms I know work off farm with the exception of a few very large “corporate” farms.  I obviously work “off farm” as well, but my goal isn’t profit, it’s to provide for my family.  If at some point my […]

Urban Farming: Back to the land in your tiny backyard

A good short article on urban farming including poultry and beekeeping in San Francisco, California.  We hope to get bees in the future ourselves. “Each morning when Colin Phipps’ two young sons get up, they run outside to the chicken coop to gather eggs for breakfast. Next year, the family is planning on expanding their […]

Winter Routine

This is my first full winter will all the animals.  The chickens weren’t out in the coop until this spring/summer and while I brought Molly, my first dairy goat, home in February 2008 there was snow but temperatures weren’t terribly low.  With the weather dropping in to the teens over the past week this is […]

Inner-City Farms

I was really disappointed when I found out that 2008’s Slow Food Nation event was going to be held in San Francisco only because we’d moved from the Bay Area ourselves just a year prior.  I wanted to attend! We’ve been members of Slow Food for the last two years.  For the most part it’s […]

Goats in Coats

I’ve been checking on the goats several times a day with the frequency increasing as the temperatures have dipped to record lows.  Molly, my Oberhassli, has a very thick coat (and a layer of fat on account of being a bit spoiled) that seems to be serving her quite well.  I haven’t noticed any signs […]

What’s Inside – Downy Coast Briefs with Horse Fat

This may seem like a bit of a non sequitur, but one of the motivations for us around raising our own animals is because of concerns for commerical animal treatment.  We half-jokingly refer to commercially raised products as cruelty-X, for example “cruelty chicken”, “cruelty beef”, and on rarer occasions “cruelty carrots” (yes, in most cases […]

The Craze For Urban Poultry Farming

We often relate to two movements which are similarly focused but opposite directions in our adventure.  One is “urban farming” and the other is “homesteading” or “back-to-the-land”.  This is a great article about real people’s experiences in urban poultry farming.  Even though I don’t think it would change our decisions, I wish I had known […]