Oh? That’s not how gardening works?

I planted a few tomato plants, peppers, squash, and an eggplant in the garden but then got busy and did nothing else (story of the last two summers).  The garden is waist deep with weeds at this point, but this morning I noticed I could see one of the tomato plants topping the weeds inside it’s cage so I thought I’d go do some exploring… and what did I find?  Chest high tomato plants!  Everything was still there and doing pretty well considering it’s been ignored so I stomped the grass down around them and laid out some cardboard to act as a weed barrier.  While I was working a honey bee came and had it’s way with one of the pepper plants.  I bet they’ll do a lot better now that they are exposed again 🙂

eggplant blossom

I’m the laziest gardener ever some times!

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