It’s Alive! My Milk, That Is.

I’ve recently become even more fascinated with raw milk.

About a year ago an industrious paper carrier offered to start delivering raw milk from The Art of Milk that is just a few miles out of town and I signed up to receive a half gallon every week.  I get it the day after the cows are milked, in a glass jar, on my doorstep which is just pretty amazing.  Occasionally when we are out of town the bottles kind of collect and we’ve been dumping it because I assumed raw milk to be less stable than the pasteurized store milk and I am still shaking some of the governments anti-raw milk brainwashing.

I recently started looking in to making kefir at home in an effort to get more natural probiotics in to my diet for health reasons and I stumbled across some additional information on raw milk when trying to determine if I could use the older milk for that purpose.  Who knew?  Raw milk doesn’t spoil, it just sours.  It was one of those weird AHA! moments for me and it’s really changed how I understand the living thing that is raw milk, and by relation the dead thing that is pasteurized milk.

I’ll post more about my kefir experiments soon.  I just received my dehydrated kefir grains early this week and I’m working (and by working I mean changing their milk once a day) on bringing them back to life.

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