Introducing My T@B Teardrop Trailer

T@B TeardropOne of my toys is a teardrop trailer.

I had been admiring them for quite awhile after first encountering one at Burning Man in 2007?  It was never really practical during my first marriage, and when I found myself disastrously divorced I think my sister was looking for something to help cheer me up.  She started sending me listings for a variety of little trailers and we both kept coming back to the T@B teardrops.  They weren’t hard to find, but they weren’t incredibly common either since they were out of production.  Eventually she found one in the greater Seattle area and I hustled over to claim it as my own.  I think that was around 2010.

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The trailer is a 2006 T@B trailer by Thor/Dutchmen. It was an “L” layout so it has a third window in front and had a slightly smaller bed, queen width but a little short. I’ve since remodeled it (with help) to have a larger bed, and have, and continue to make many other changes and tweaks.

It’s not a clam shell so it has an interior kitchen with a two burner gas range, a small fridge, cold running water, fan, and a chemical portaloo that tucks away in a lower cupboard. It also has a radio/CD/mp3 player and built in speakers!


The table and bench seats can seat four decently and converts in to the bed. Mine included an add-on canopy/awning which creates about the same amount of space as the interior as covered shelter. I’m the third owner of this trailer and it was in pristine condition when I picked it up. The thing has storage for days. Every possible space is available for storage. Some of them are odd shaped as a result but there is no wasted space.


The trailer weighs in around 1800lbs and I towed it decently with a 2007 Subaru Forester before switching to my 2006 Jeep Liberty CRD and finally to a 2015 Jeep Grand Cherokee Eco-Diesel. I primarily use it in state parks and at music festivals so I am normally “off grid” or not in regular RV camps.

On the way home!_7496083436_o

The T@B brand was acquired by Little Guy and after a couple years gap in production they are available again.


I simply LOVE my T@B. It’s cute, fun, mostly practical, and I can manage towing, and setting it up all by myself.

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