Holiday Round Up!

San Diego sunsetsMy gosh!  We both experienced such an extremely generous and fruitful holiday this year.  Both Geoff and I had our moments of disbelief.

The trip to California was uneventful and relaxing as usual.  My sister hosted 15 for dinner between our family and her SO’s family and his sister-in-law’s family.  This year the turkey got cooked through 🙂

The main gift I bought Geoff this year was a hunting bow that I gave him a few months early for deer season.  After a few cold hunting trips down by his parent’s place he managed to bag his first deer with a bow!  I’m so excited about it 🙂  I plan on getting the hide tanned professional as a souvenir.

The big gift he got me was a Remington 870 Express Super Mag!  So I finally have that alluded to shotgun of my own.  I’m working on my hunter’s safety course so I can get my hunting license and hope to do some duck hunting with Geoff next year.  If I work on my archery this summer maybe I can even try deer hunting with him too! 🙂

The pheasant season wasn’t particularly productive for Geoff this year.  Neither of us are terribly keen on bothering with it again between the cost and the general overcrowding of the release sites.  Duck season has been treating him (and Koa) better and he brought home a mallard and three ring necks just this week!  Koa is really getting in to her job as a retriever and definitely shows a natural affinity for it.

I’m starting to think about spring plantings and hatchery orders at this point.  Raising more turkeys are definitely on the agenda.  As always I’m excitedly looking towards spring.

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