Navel Gazing

My father likes to tease me that I’m a “navel gazer”. I spend a lot of time in my own head, but I think it results in me being a far more self-aware person (as opposed to self-absorbed).

Happy Valentines!

Happy Valentines!

Welcome To the New Year

It’s getting busy around these parts! I’m still dating which requires a fair amount of energy and time.  It’s weird to still be in the formal/getting-to-know-you dating stage.  It’s just so different than the rest of the relationship experience.  Far more stressful. This week I am starting a remote/online life coaching thing.  I’m not sure […]

Observations From Dating

When I started dating again recently I didn’t realize exactly how out of it I was.  I mean I dated from ages 15 to 30, it’s not like I’m lacking practice or even that far out of touch, but yea… Its been interesting! Some things I’ve learned: Many people that contact you won’t carry on […]

Happy Birthday To Me!

35! I’m no where that I thought I would be at this milestone, but I really have no complaints. Well I do, but what good would complaining about them do at this point, and they aren’t really complaints about where I am at 🙂 I have a great job doing something that I’m passionate enough […]

Where Does the Time Go?

It feels like it’s been absolutely forever since I’ve posted anything and I guess it kind of has!  I’m not even sure how to catch things up… In the last month I’ve started dating, got two new tattoos, attended my first “con”, got all the divorce paperwork filed (finally!), planned a trip to my sister’s in […]

Busy Bee

It’s been a crazy busy month! Last week I was off work for Mom and Dad’s summer visit and a big ol’ list of chores.  The weather was gorgeous but it was a little hard to appreciate it when we were outside sweating the whole time.  We did get *a lot* done though: Removed dog […]

Moved In

I’ve been wanting to start an update for the last few weeks, but then keep putting it off because the house isn’t “done” yet. I’m still waiting for the livingroom couch and I just ordered the master bedroom dresser. But really I don’t know if it will ever really be “done”. Moving itself was relatively […]

New Year, New Beginnings.

I’m not even sure where to start in this story anymore.  For folks that follow me on twitter or facebook you’ve already figured out what’s going on at some level, and I’m not going to go in to a lot of detail in this public forum.  The short version is that as of Nov. 16th […]

New Hobby!

New Hobby!

I started a new hobby. Oddly I seem to have an influx of weaponry around my place lately.  Around the time I decided to get my .22 long rifle, I received a surprise gift of a pink compound bow, accessories, and target.  I remember archery from scout camp when I was kid and always enjoyed it.  Although I was […]


Death is such an unusual thing.  Do we ever really get over it, or is it just a small hole we learn to gloss over?  My paternal grandmother passed away a few years ago.  I was probably closer with her than any of my grandparents.  I grieved for several days following her passing, but even […]