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Inner-City Farms

I was really disappointed when I found out that 2008’s Slow Food Nation event was going to be held in San Francisco only because we’d moved from the Bay Area ourselves just a year prior.  I wanted to attend! We’ve been members of Slow Food for the last two years.  For the most part it’s […]

What’s Inside – Downy Coast Briefs with Horse Fat

This may seem like a bit of a non sequitur, but one of the motivations for us around raising our own animals is because of concerns for commerical animal treatment.  We half-jokingly refer to commercially raised products as cruelty-X, for example “cruelty chicken”, “cruelty beef”, and on rarer occasions “cruelty carrots” (yes, in most cases […]

The Craze For Urban Poultry Farming

We often relate to two movements which are similarly focused but opposite directions in our adventure.  One is “urban farming” and the other is “homesteading” or “back-to-the-land”.  This is a great article about real people’s experiences in urban poultry farming.  Even though I don’t think it would change our decisions, I wish I had known […]