Catching up on Adventures

I haven’t posted about many of my adventures lately.  I’m not sure why I stopped, I guess wondering how much of interest it is to anyone, but me.

There have been a lot of beach house weekend since it was purchased nearly two years ago, but even with that I still seem to travel pretty regularly.

Here’s a brief catch up from the last year or so:

mexico15March 2015 – Every spring we make a “family” vacation trip.  My sister organizes everything.  Last year we went to Nuevo Vallarta and stayed in a resort.  Most of the week was spent lounging by the pool and exploring the expansive location.

April 2015 – I took a quick weekend trip to Portland to see Garth Brooks in concert with my sister and her best friend.  I always love visiting Portland.

girlsweekend15May 2015 – Annual girl’s weekend trip to Oxnard, CA where we stayed at a beach front house.  I spent a good chunk of the time doing homework, but the location was spectacular with amazing views.

alaska2015June 2015 – Another family vacation for an Alaska Cruise.  I’m not sure how we had two this year, but I did a week on the Norwegian Pearl with my parents, sister, and BIL.  I had seen Alaska pretty extensively when I was 17 or so, but it was nice to do it from the comfort of my cruise ship.  It was my first cruise, but the weather didn’t allow for full enjoyment of all of the cruise ship’s amenities.

weddingJuly, August, September 2015 was music festivals, concerts, beach house trips, and wedding prep!

italy15November 2015 – Our honeymoon!  We spent two weeks visiting Venice, Florence, Pisa, Cinque Terre, and Rome.  It was a very packed trip, but lovely too.

Down time for the holidays (and a trip to my sister’s in San Diego)

maui16March 2016 – Maui!  The family vacation trip again and this time we spent it in an ocean front house on Baby Beach in Lahaina.  It was a good time to relax and the location was perfect.  For added fun, this was the first time I got to ride in a private jet as that’s how our whole party got there.  I highly recommend it 😉  Hawaii, like Manhattan, is another of those places I visit regularly.  I don’t remember how many times I’ve been over the years (most frequently to Maui or Oahu).

April 2016 – Annual girl’s weekend trip, but this time everyone came to the beach house in Seabrook.  Obviously I always love to spend time at the beach house.

May 2016 – A short trip/long weekend in San Diego at my sister’s so Geoff and I could go see Alton Brown Live.

and that brings me to current in the middle of festival season 🙂  I think I didn’t do too bad for also doing school and work!

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