Cabin Fever!

Seedlings potted up while the straw bales continue to compost. Of course I have way more than I need :)I thought I was doing well feeling settled with this down month but a few days ago it hit me!  Cabin fever!  I started trying to plan an international trip before coming back to my senses.

The poultry is all doing pretty well.  We lost two turkeys so far but that’s it.  Only two more weeks before the ducks will be ready to head outside.  I’ll take stock on how big the chickens and turkeys are before I decide to turn them loose.

My garden starts are going bonkers and I’ve had to pot them up.  As always I started way too many seeds.  Better to have too many than too few though.  The straw bales don’t seem to be breaking down as fast as they should be.  I’m persisting with it for now though.  The greenhouse order has been a comedy of errors.  It’ll get here eventually though.  Patience, young grasshopper.

This week has been one of the first good stretches of sunshine although it still comes with some really cold evenings.  Geoff got out and mowed the “pasture” and front lawn yesterday so he could apply some moss treatment.  When the moss is gone I don’t think I’ll have a yard left, but we will see.  I have a bunch of perennials I picked up at a sale a couple weeks ago that need to get in the ground soon along with some replacement blueberries for the two that died out.  I also should *really* finish redoing the actual pasture’s fence.  Especially before letting the small, new chickens out on to it.  There’s always something better to do on a nice sunny day though 🙂

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