15076399472_ee549c88d4_oI’m a 40 something, full-time geek wrangler, recent university graduate, and part-time farmer in rural Washington state.  I keep company with my menagerie of animals, and my wonderful partner, Geoff.

When I’m not tending to my “outdoor kids” or my “indoor kids”, or working on my career.  I cook, craft, garden, dance, read, travel, and attend music festivals in my trailer.

I grew up in a smallish-town in Oregon and had a pretty normal smallish-town upbringing.  At 19 I moved to California by way of Iowa and spent about 10 years there.  After riding the Internet wave through bubble and bust, and having some amazing experiences along the way, luck landed me at a large company that has roots in the Pacific Northwest.  In late 2007 I had the company move me and my pets out of my little apartment in the middle of everything to a house on the outskirts of a small town of 7,000.  Once there I added a dog, dairy goats, and chickens to the mix. My life is that of a technologically advanced wannabe farmer striving for the right balance between modern living and living sustainably.

I love the duality of my life!